4. Assets and liabilities acquired on Vesting Day

Under the provisions of the Harbours Act, 1996, the Company took over the functions carried on by the former Dublin Port and Docks Board on 3 March 1997 (“Vesting Day”).

The cost to the Company of the assets acquired on Vesting Day was determined by the then Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources. Liabilities (including pensions and capital grants) were taken over at their actual or determined amounts. Pension liabilities (see note 31) include those in respect of pre-Vesting Day pension entitlements of the Company’s employees and the current and deferred pensioners of its predecessor entity, Dublin Port and Docks Board.

The assets and functions of the Pilotage Committee, established under the Pilotage Act 1913, were transferred by operation of law to Dublin Port Company in July 1997, under the Harbours Act, 1996 (Commencement) (No. 3) Order 1997.

The consideration for the net assets transferred to the Company was satisfied by the creation and issue of 6.023 million ordinary shares of IR£1 (€1.27) each fully paid. One ordinary share is held by the Minister for Finance and the remainder are held by the Minister for Transport at 31 December 2017.